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Don't worry we got you, have a read of our frequently asked questions below:

Where do I start?

To learn the basics have a look at our interactive 'Getting Started' guide, or if you are feeling keen sign up now.

When do I pay? How much?

During our beta period, Supernotes will remain free of charge. However once we have finished testing we will introduce a small monthly charge - the cost of a coffee - to cover our costs so we can continue innovating!

I found a bug!

Thanks! Send us an email, with a description of your problem and we will try to solve it as quickly as possible.

How do I delete my account?

We are currently implementing an account deletion and download feature, however at any time you may request your account to be deleted by emailing us, providing us with your account details.

I don't see all of the features you advertise?

We are rolling out new features as fast as we can! As we are still in beta, some of the collaboration and file sharing features are not available yet. But stick with us, we promise they are worth the wait!

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